Cat ruining your furniture? You need a cat scratching post

If you have a cat chances are his instincts are the same as everyone else’s cat. He loves to climb, maybe even climbing your curtains, and he loves to scratch.

Chances are, if he doesn’t have a cat scratching post, he’ll probably use the legs of your favourite dining room table for his scratching.

If you’re new to cat ownership ask any long standing owner of a cat and he will tell you that if you don’t have somewhere dedicated for your cat to scratch he will quickly ruin a piece of your favourite furniture.

That’s why The Cat Scratching Post is here. To tell you all about how to use scratching poles for cats so that they will only damage a piece of cat furniture rather than your favourite antique furniture.

Because all cats love to scratch. Give them somewhere of their own to scratch away to their heart’s content and, once they’ve been trained to use it and become used to it, that is where they will do the damage.

And there’s no more yelling, no more smacking his paws, no more aggravation between cat and owner.

Cat Scratching Post
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In fact if you have a cat one of the most cost-effective things you can buy for him is a scratching pole.

Cat furniture like scratching posts, and more, comes in all shapes and sizes as well as prices.

(In our experience shopping online is always the cheapest way to buy, and our experience shows that virtually any cat scratching post you can buy online can be bought brand-new, and much cheaper, at eBay.)

It’s quite possible, for very little cost, to buy a simple scratching pole that will do the job. It will take up very little space, it will give him somewhere to scratch away to his heart’s content, and it will work.

However if you’re willing to spend a little more you can buy your cat what can sometimes be called a cat tree, which also gives him somewhere to climb and to play as well as to scratch. A cat tree is an all in one cat solution.

Cat trees are designed to give your cat somewhere all his own way he can climb to his heart’s content, scratch away, hide or play, and cats absolutely love them. They aren’t all that expensive either.

So if you’re being driven nuts by a cat that is destroying your favourite furniture there is a simple solution. A cat scratching post, or a cat tree, will, once he learns to use it, become his favourite climbing and hiding spot, and scratching spot.

And here’s a little video about how to train your cat to scratch his scratching post once you’ve got it for him.